1. Lorna Simpson @ Brooklyn Museum

    Who’s coming with me to see this? Lorna Simpson’s exhibit “Gathered” is running until August at the Brooklyn Museum…a must see! According to the website, Simpson found a collection of photos of a woman, and occasionally a man, posed pin-up style. With no other information about the photos or their subjects, Simpson created a series of photos in which she mimics the poses of the subjects, perhaps in an attempt to bridge the gap between the time period of the photos, the 50s, and today.

    Lorna Simpson’s body of work is incredible. I love that she is playing with the idea of a photograph as historic/cultural evidence and I’m interested to learn more about inserting ones own body/subjectivity into a photograph, especially one that has already been posed and framed, and how that impacts our understanding of/relationship to the photograph.

    Learn more here.

    As a side-note, is the pin-up theme the new thing?

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