1. A Urinal for Women?

    Looks like good design is here to save the day! The Pollee, a urinal for women, promises to eliminate those long lines at the bathroom and bonus, this is WITHOUT having to use devices to make us pee “like men”. Instead, this device, pictured below, allows a woman a quick way to relieve herself in a way that, from the looks of it, would just feel more right and akin to what we are comfortable with and accustomed to.

    Many other designers and companies have tried to come up with solutions for ways to allow women to “go” faster, and while a lot of them are really great designs, I’d question how sanitary they are. I also think I’d be much more likely to adjust to the behavior of using the type of urinal pictured above versus whipping a plastic cone out of my purse.

    Fast Co. Design reports that they are testing these out at concerts and music festivals, and it appears the response is positive so far. There are still questions about whether this will reduce lines, but as Fast Co. Design notes, the design definitely allows for fitting many more urinals into a small amount of space than other types of bathrooms, which should get waiting time down. They also work well right out in the open which is great, because face it, it’s a little tough to be inconspicuous while popping a squat.

    via Fast Co. Design.

    Images via Dezeen.

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